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What is "The Space Place?"

The Space Place at Renaissance Academy: Where STEAM Power Takes Off!

Here at Renaissance Academy, we've launched The Space Place – a thrilling STEAM program that orbits around boundless possibilities.

Picture this: our starship simulators aren't just metal and circuits, they're your very own Magic School Bus, ready to sweep you into the cosmos alongside your team. It's a ride that beckons all, no matter the age or stage.

Not just for kids. Not only for students.

This cosmic escapade welcomes everyone on board. Whether you're an inquisitive student, a cohesive business team, or an assembly of eager explorers, our flights cater to all. On selected weekends, holidays, and throughout those sun-soaked summers (when the stars align), we open our airlock to the public. Bring along your crew of 8 or older and book a Public Reservation for an adventure like no other. It's a stellar experience with universal appeal.

Set foot aboard as crew members, but expect to soar as stars.

Take your place in the constellation of your chosen ship's crew. Each of you will assume a pivotal role, woven into the very fabric of our starship's journey. Mission objectives light up the galaxies we traverse, and your teamwork propels us towards success. The twists, turns, and trajectory of each voyage depend on the choices you collectively make, highlighting the intertwined importance of collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving.

Learning, with a universe-sized twist.

Step into our simulators, and you're stepping into a classroom of cosmic proportions. Science, math, social studies, language arts, writing – it's all part of the cosmic curriculum. By immersing ourselves in this vibrant universe, we make education an odyssey of exploration and play. Skills turn into constellations, forming patterns of knowledge that stick.

Fun-fueled learning, for memories that rocket through time.

Why learn in a classroom when you can learn in the vastness of space? Our approach, rooted in the power of simulation, makes education an orbit of wonder. Brace yourself for impactful lessons and thought-provoking challenges, all wrapped in the cosmic glow of pure enjoyment. What we offer is an unforgettable adventure, a learning odyssey that'll stay with you for light-years.

So, why not join us and explore the final frontier, one discovery at a time? As we boldly go, we invite you to embark on an educational journey that's out of this world. Your mission? Unleash your potential, ignite your curiosity, and set your course for the stars!

#GoBoldly, and we'll meet you among the constellations!

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