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Colored Space

What is "The Space Place?"

The Space Place at Renaissance Academy is a STEAM program powered by Renaissance Academy.

       We use starship simulators in a way similar to Miss Frizzle using her Magic School Bus; to take any crew who joins us into space for a powerful adventure.



        Anyone can participate. In addition to our students, we fly for business teams, private groups, and provide camps to the public on select weekends, holidays, and throughout the summers (when permitted). Public Reservations allow you to bring anyone 8+ along for the adventure. There's something for everyone and every kind of crew combination!

       While you're here, you become the crew of the ship you choose. Each crew member is assigned a different job that is vital to the function of the starship throughout their journey. All our stories have objectives that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve "mission success". Every decision you make directly affects the result of your mission. Because all of the jobs rely on others for the starship to work, skills like teamwork, communication, and problem-solving are key.

       Through simulation we can teach practical skills - science, math, social studies, language, writing, problem-solving, and more - all while providing an amazing and vibrant universe to explore and play in. We aim to create a learning environment inspired by wonder.


       The best part? Educating through simulation has some of the most effective results in terms of it 'sticking'. We believe that learning should be fun, thought-provoking, and impactful. That's what we provide: The most fun learning environment imaginable that crews will remember for years to come.

       #GoBoldy, and we'll see you in the stars!

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