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What is The Space Place?

Our program is unique, and that sometimes makes it difficult to explain in just a few words, but essentially we offer space adventures to the public (and our students at Renaissance Academy) in our starship simulators.


We currently have 2 simulators. The USS Voyager and the Nighthawk. Groups of 6-10 come and join us for these adventures - some of these adventures are scheduled for birthday parties and the like, others are scheduled for fun or team building. Whatever your reason is, we welcome you! 

Before we start, each member of the group is assigned a job, their job is the role they are playing in our live action role play (LARP). The group is then briefed (or given objectives to complete), detailing what they must do to be successful in the completion of their mission. The group must work together to succeed as they cannot accomplish their mission without each member.


We then train them on how to do their jobs on the bridge of our starship simulator, and then we give them the reins to go and complete their mission in the way they see fit. Think a mixture of Star Trek and a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book happening in real time with you being amongst the main characters of the story, and once you make a decision, the consequences are real in the simulation.


The objectives are completed through a host of mediums. Some problems require utilization of their computer controls that operate systems within and outside of their starship. Some problems require critical thinking and crowd-sourcing. Some problems require careful planning and execution.


We are able to use our simulated environment to allow our crews to experience things that couldn't be done elsewhere - for instance we could go to see a plague infecting a planet in real time and make decisions of how to help the population best all the while allowing our crews to feel the emotion of the people on the surface through various interactions with them. The possibilities are endless.


All of this while flying a futuristic starship and having a ton of fun. We book groups of all ages and surprisingly book more adult groups than we do children in our after-school mission program. It's a seriously awesome program for all ages!

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